July 18, 2018, Toronto, Ontario, Canada – NxGen Global Inc. (“NxGen”) is thrilled to announce it has concluded negotiations that will see the Corporation make a strategic investment in JCC Bowers to broaden its portfolio of cutting-edge IoT and artificial intelligence technologies to transform established transportation industries.

The multi-million-pound investment in the UK-based technology company represents a bold advancement for NxGen’s secure network deployment to enable the delivery of connected and intelligent product offerings for smart cities and their customers.

JCC Bowers is a Connected, Intelligent, and Autonomous technology solutions provider to a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, nautical, agriculture, and defense. Within automotive, the company’s innovations target fleet, vehicle insurance, vehicle manufacturers, and OEMs.

Led by corporate strategist and telecommunications veteran John Bowers, JCC develops the proprietary software and hardware needed to make vehicles — whether by land, air or sea — truly “Connected, Intelligent and Autonomous.”

“NxGen’s investment in JCC Bowers is a down payment on a pioneering venture poised to make everything from our cars to our tractors to our military jets more effective, safe, and responsive to the changing needs of society,” said Dan Pacholik, Founder and CEO of NxGen Global.

“Securing the strategic capital and expert guidance of NxGen Global in delivering secure communication networks is crucial to JCC Bowers’ continued success in solving the problems of today, by building the connected solutions and products of the future,” said John Bowers, CEO of JCC Bowers.

About NxGen Global Inc.

NxGEN Global is a private Canadian corporation focused on delivering innovative solutions for the energy management and services industry. NxGEN’s experienced management team is dedicated to working with technology innovators to bring disruptive solutions to market by providing smart working capital, strategic thinking, value creation and an experienced management team. | www.nxgen.global

For further information, please contact NxGen at | info@nxgen.global

About JCC Bowers

JCC Bowers is a UK-based technology solutions provider for Connected, Intelligent, and Autonomous systems for a variety for transportation industries, including automotive, aerospace, nautical, agriculture, and defense. The company’s suite of products enables major existing industry participants to bridge legacy technological shortfalls and address the coming digital convergence through previously unimaginable Connected, Intelligent and Autonomous capabilities. | https://jccbowers.com

For further information, please contact JCC Bowers by email at info@jccbowers.com.