Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality: a note from CEO John Bowers

Internet users across the U.S. are rallying today, on the Net Neutrality Day of Action, to defend the information superhighway. I stand with them.

The stakes are high. Without net neutrality, the Web as we know it will no longer exist. Its free flow will be subject to the highest bidder. RedditGoogle and even internet founder Tim Berners-Lee are helping to lead the fight.

Here’s why you should join:

An open internet encourages innovation. Nearly every major technological development in recent decades has come out of the ability of millions of people to log on to the internet and explore as they wish. Freedom encourages creativity.

An open internet is transforming our lives. Soon we’ll be assisted by the internet not only through our laptops, phones and Apple TV, but also through our connected homes, cars and transportation systems. Smart vehicles, traffic lights and other infrastructure will make getting from Point A to Point B faster and with better peace of mind.

An open internet protects us. With a free flow of data, connected devices like cars and homes will be able to keep us safer by making sure our doors are locked, calling for help in an emergency, alerting us to health issues and more. Life-saving technologies should be open to everyone.

Opponents of the open internet want to play God. If telecoms gain control over the speed and reliability of the internet, that power could put people at risk. Imagine driving a connected car and an internet service provider decides to prioritize someone else’s connection over yours. The consequences could be dire. Net neutrality is a must as mission-critical applications become an inseparable part of our world. People should come before profit.

At JCC Bowers, we support the freedom of the Web.

Take action now. Tell the FCC to keep Net Neutrality.