JCC Bowers, creator of Cobalt Auta, the artificial-intelligence software that transforms any vehicle into a smart connected and autonomous car, has completed a strategic investment from CHINTEC Shanghai Co. Ltd, a premier Chinese information technology firm, positioning the product for release to the world’s largest automotive market.

Cobalt Auta is compatible with 98 percent of vehicle models worldwide, including models up to 10 years old, to deliver every smart feature consumers expect from a new luxury vehicle. Plus Cobalt Auta readies cars for the future: real-time updates endlessly optimize the vehicle, equipping it ultimately for autonomous driving.

“CHINTEC’s investment brings Cobalt Auta one step closer to intelligently connecting China’s 289 million drivers with cutting-edge vehicle technology,” said JCC Bowers Chief Executive Officer John Bowers. “This joint venture is the catalyst for JCC Bowers to open full operations in China, to include aftermarket part sales, language translation and Chinese software integration with in-house resources.”

Cobalt Auta is developed with the future of the automotive industry in mind. Consumer demand for connected-car features is growing not just for vehicles fresh off the assembly line, but for everyone’s car today.

Experts predict the global automotive electronics market will reach $258 billion by the end of 2017 and 50 billion connected devices worldwide will be in use by 2020. With 1.2 billion unconnected cars across the globe, Cobalt Auta fits nearly half that market and prepares the existing vehicle ecosystem for the wide adoption of vehicle-to-vehicle communication necessary for driverless technology to succeed.

“CHINTEC is proud to partner with JCC Bowers to expand the technology offerings we are able to support in China and advance the Internet of Things in this fast-growing automotive market. Furthermore, JCC Bowers’ resounding success at the recent China EV100 Forum demonstrates to us that the future is incredibly bright for Cobalt,” said CHINTEC Chief Executive Officer Adam Chin. “By investing early in JCC Bowers, we are unifying the connected marketplace.”

Cobalt Auta’s more than 300 features include unlimited WiFi, keyless entry, remote start, parking spot memory, anti-theft ignition lock, engine health monitoring, 24-hour on-call crash/theft assistance and Cobie, the driver’s voice-activated artificial-intelligence sidekick. Cobie uses machine learning to recognize a driver’s needs and react ahead of time, making life easier. Rain on the horizon? Cobie ensures the windows are shut. Morning meeting on the calendar? Cobie warms the car before the owner steps outside. Oil due for a change? Cobie sends an alert to schedule an appointment.

Who is JCC Bowers?

Founded in 2015 in Basingstoke, UK, we’re simplifying today’s crowded Internet of Things landscape by giving consumers one point of control for every connected appliance and a range of proprietary features.

Cobalt Auta for vehicles launches in 2017, followed by smart platforms to serve the residential, aerospace, nautical and freight industries.

Led by veteran technology experts across five countries with experience at Vodafone, IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Philips, the company is in the midst of Series A fundraising.


  • 2017 Venturefest South UK finalist
  • 2016 NatWest “Great British Entrepreneur of the Year” finalist
  • 2016 Selected as “Face of a Vibrant Economy” by Grant Thornton UK
  • 2016 Magna International “Global Automotive Disruptor” finalist
  • 2015 Business Car Magazine “Techies Awards” editor’s choice

Who is CHINTEC Shanghai Co. Ltd.?

CHINTEC Shanghai Co. Ltd. is a corporate IT systems integrator operating in 80 cities across China serving the country’s top corporations on the FTSE stock index.

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