Just in time for Halloween, here are a couple of scary car trends that will give you nightmares  — maybe!

1. Cars are full of tech that gets outdated way too fast.

Dead Car

When it comes to technology, cars now have the life-cycle of a cell phone. That’s not only scary, it’s wasteful. If only there was technology out there that can save us from this nightmare….


2. Touch-sensitive controls are totally frustrating.

Dead Touchscreen

Cadillac introduced controls in their CUE system that were just too sensitive to even use. BMW had hand gesture control technology that made you dance like those girls in that Las Ketchup song. The horror.


3. LIDAR technology doesn’t see well.


Self-driving vehicles still have a long way to go before being able to see and rationalize as well as humans do. Heed the warning signs, stay away!

4. Self-driving cars that are bad for the environment.

Haunted Exhaust

If self-driving cars have their way, people will likely take longer trips, which means more damaging emissions (among other things). “Some of these future scenarios are very scary,” says Jason Rugolo, a program director at ARPA-E, the U.S. experimental energy agency.


5. Glitches that turn autonomous vehicles into zombie cars.

Zombie Car

According to the California State Department of Motor Vehicles, a self-driving car failed every 3 hours last year. What’s even more frightening? Waymo doesn’t count the times that a human had to take over robotic control and only reports a disengagement when the stimulation later reveals that the car’s action would be unsafe.



6. Phone culture has eclipsed car culture.

Cell Phone Zombies

Remember when you couldn’t wait to turn 16 to get your driver’s license or that sweet 1967 Mustang? The love of the open road has now turned digital. Before it was Ford vs Chevy, now it’s Apple vs. Android.  Will we lose car culture?


7. That road trip playlist? Gone…

Dead Car

Music drives culture, but what will happen when there aren’t songs about the open road, your brand new ride, or kicking your tires?


8. A work culture that drains you

Haunted Office

Major tech companies are making headlines for having a not-so-good work culture, from sexism to racism to questionable retreats. While this is a very scary trend, there’s always room to improve and get better.


9. Cheating on emissions tests.

Dead VW Emissions Scandal

VW installed a defeat device that could detect when it was being tested to cheat the emissions test system. The result? VW engines emitted pollutants 40 times above the national average. “We’ve totally screwed up,” said VW America boss Michael Horn. Yes, yes you did.