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10 Facts About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has actually been around a long time — and it will be with us even longer. Here are some interesting facts about AI. 1. A British mathematician named Alan Turing is one of the founding fathers of the theory of artificial intelligence. In the 1950s, he invented what ...
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A map of the UK with accident-prone hotspots. "Accident Prediction"

JCC Develops Technology to Predict Accidents for Safe Driving

BASINGSTOKE — JCC Bowers, the solutions provider of Connected, Intelligent, and Autonomous transportation technology, announced today that its engineers have developed an algorithm to predict traffic accidents and promote safe driving.  Once deployed, the new AI-powered technology will make it easier for drivers, municipalities, and insurance companies to assess risk ...
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JCC Bowers NxGen Global Announcement

NxGen makes major investment in JCC Bowers

July 18, 2018, Toronto, Ontario, Canada – NxGen Global Inc. (“NxGen”) is thrilled to announce it has concluded negotiations that will see the Corporation make a strategic investment in JCC Bowers to broaden its portfolio of cutting-edge IoT and artificial intelligence technologies to transform established transportation industries. The multi-million-pound investment ...
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Holiday Cooking From Our Global Family To Yours

As we approach the holiday season, there is one thing that everyone can agree on: the food always seems to be extra special. We’re an international company, which brings forth a lot of conversations about customs, traditions, and food. That’s why we wanted to share some special delicious holiday dishes ...
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2017 Automotive Tech News & Trends

The automotive industry has always been the forefront of new technology trends. In the past 25 years alone we’ve seen improvements like the smart key, dual clutch transmission, and onboard diagnostics. But in 2017 there have been major technological milestones, here’s a look back at some automotive technological trends and ...
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