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 Do OEMS Take Cyber Security as Seriously as They Ought To? 

Historians agree that no invention affected American everyday life in the 20th Century more than the automobile. Yes, the car was around in the 19th century, but Henry Ford created the assembly line that spurred the economic growth to make automobile accessible to the middle class. With that came a ...
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We’re Hiring a Marketing Assistant

We are a cutting-edge, all-remote Internet of Things company with multiple product lines and plans for rapid expansion. Our vision is to connect everything you own — your car, your house, your boat, your plane — into a unified ecosystem, the likes of which Alexa can only dream about. We ...
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comcast connected car

Why ISPs like Comcast Could Ruin Connected Cars

Connected-car entrepreneurs face increasing risk that Big Cable will take over valuable spectrum supposed to be reserved for life-saving vehicle communication. Already, Comcast has opposed net neutrality rules, which prevent ISPs from restricting the free flow of the internet. And now it appears the cable giant is making a play ...
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Net Neutrality

Demand net neutrality. Cars of the future depend on it.

Net Neutrality: a note from CEO John Bowers Internet users across the U.S. are rallying today, on the Net Neutrality Day of Action, to defend the information superhighway. I stand with them. The stakes are high. Without net neutrality, the Web as we know it will no longer exist. Its free flow will be subject to the highest bidder. Reddit, Google and even internet founder Tim Berners-Lee are ...
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tech writer job

We’re Hiring a Tech Writer & Journalist

Are you a journalist looking for a new career? We want you. Today’s successful companies no longer can rely on press releases and PR flacks to broadcast their most important business moves. They must operate mini-newsrooms to educate the public about the industries they are leading. As a cutting-edge autonomous ...
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